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If I Had To Think…

…of a a sound that encapsulated my life so far, it would be that of the sea. Cheesy? Maybe, but it’s apt. For me, anyway. Recently, I’ve been given cause to reflect on my life. It made me think of the peaks and valleys of my journey— worry not, I won’t bore you with the details. This is a blog, not a biography.

So, why is the sea the soundtrack to my life? Tis easy when I break it down. That super-massive body of water is dictated by elements we have no control over, just like life. Most certainly mine. Life’s waves give me the highs and lows— no sooner do I think I’m riding the crest of a wave of positivity, that I then find myself fighting to keep myself from being dragged under by a series of waves that Kelly Slater would gladly take his surfboard to (FYI Mr Slater is a rather talented surfer who also happens to have been first in the queue when Mother Nature was handing out good-looking genes.) Yaaas. *sigh*

Then, if it’s not a wave that threatens my ability to keep myself from going under, it’s those pesky regular tides that rise and fall and with it, so do I. Sheesh. This is life…and in particular, mine. I’ve come close to drowning a few times but somehow I rediscover the use of my Advanced Swimmer gold award and start swimming to the surface once again (those grim Saturday morning walks to lessons came in handy eventually).

But, it’s cool. Obviously, I’d rather not have so many challenges, but hey ho. Some wise-guy told me that the universe lobs challenges to people according to strength of character…what we can cope with. I suppose this has formed the rich tapestry to my life, and actually, I like it. It’s colourful, embellished with a smattering of glitter and I have gained so much experience and knowledge which I am able to pass on to my kids and anyone that seeks my help. Yes, I am shamelessly tooting my own trumpet. So, whatever your tune, be proud, it’s for you, after all.

Have a good week. Take care, Eva ©