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Moving On

It feels like a lifetime since I last wrote a blog and in a sense, a lifetime has passed. Do I have a reason? Yes, yes I do. I have been busy writing and working on my second book with a view to publish soon AND I’ve been writing the third book, which I’m having a lot of fun with. Although I love writing contemporary romance—we all need a little escapism in this crazy world, right? I’m venturing into comedy/observational humour for my next project.

I have also been dealing with teenage angst of GCSEs, proms and all the politics that surrounds the rollercoaster life of teenage life. My teen and her friends who have now officially left school, have been documenting their days leading to their final goodbye to school life and enjoying their summer so far (which has now come to a grinding halt thanks to the weather). Showing me their montages of kids having a blast, unadulterated fun, had me a little glassy-eyed. These youngsters are moving onto their next chapter into young adulthood and I find myself thinking how time passes us by at the blink of an eye. We get so wrapped up in the daily grind of day to day living that we don’t stop to take notice of the simple things, and it’s these that matter.

This morning I was toddling along with the aid of my two walking canes and a gentleman approached me. ‘Oh, my, you look like you’ve been in the wars,’ he smiled at me with a an enquiring sympathy that I felt compelled to explain. With a smile on my face, I informed him that I have MS, and not only was he taken aback by my reply but he was endeared by the smile behind my statement. To him, “it’s a pig” and I agreed. I can’t do anything but agree. Driving back home had me thinking how things really do move on, and, although it’s a double edged sword, we have no control of time and the perpetual cycle of evolution. Moving on can be a positive facet to our lives but it can also be negative, depending on the situation.

In all of the events over the last year, things have moved on in the right direction and I’m grateful for the people who have joined me on my writing journey and for those who’ve been a constant source of support in my personal life.

Take care,

Eva x ©️

Eva Talks About...


We know the adage, but how many of us live by it?

A word that conjures so many connotations. A misspent youth, a misspent childhood, a misspent talent. So much can be misspent. But what about life? Lots of things sadden me, and misspending your life is one of them. At this time of year, we think of loved ones who have passed on. We miss them. We long to speak to them once again, to hold them.

Now, I may or may not step on a few toes here, but my intentions are not to offend: I have grieved the loss of too many people in recent years. Some (in fact most) were too young. Nobody is below the age of forty-seven. A couple have been teenagers. That’s no age. They had so much to give in this world. I live my life as fulfilled as I can. You know, to live life to the fullest, doesn’t mean you have to give up your day job and start a YouTube vlog of your adventures around the world (although I wouldn’t say no), and it doesn’t mean that you have to become a mountaineer. It means that you live the life you want. Whatever that entails, it’s your call. If I die tomorrow, which I hope I don’t because I’m still querying for representation, my friends and loved ones know that I left this world, happy.

When my grandfather was dying, he told me; ‘Eva, I may not have millions in the bank, but I’ve lived my life the way I want to, and have no regrets.’ Those words left a lasting impression on me. Now, conversely, I know of folk who live with the attitude of their glass half empty. They don’t want to get in the car and drive three hundred miles to a place they’ve never been to, before (yes I am that person who made the drive), or experience life’s rich tapestries.When I ask if they are happy, they shrug and say ‘no not really’. They are merely existing. They can’t bring themselves to try and live their lives, in whichever way, that would make them happy. It’s sad. Is it fear of the unknown? Is it lack of confidence? It’s a life misspent. What saddens me, is, that these are people I know. I have major health issues that can not only be problematic, but darn well depressing, but I’ll be damned if I don’t do what I want. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Right? As a result, my kids see, that life is for living and that, mum doesn’t let anything get in the way. This, has set the bar for them, and I know that they will embrace any opportunity that comes their way, at being happy. ‘If mum can do it, so can we, AND she’ll navigate us through it.’

Me, being me, and quite direct, I often try to encourage them to go and do what they’ve always wanted to. You want to get a degree in history? Do it. You want to travel around the Greek islands? Then go. Don’t waste your life yearning for something. Don’t waste the privilege of life.

Wishing you all, happiness and a peaceful 2022.

Take care, Eva x