About Being Ines

I am pleased to announce the release of my debut novel, Being Ines. A contemporary romantic drama about love, acceptance and unbreakable bonds.

A dynamic young woman, Ines Garcia’s life isn’t what it appears to be. Ines has a degenerative disease but doesn’t yet know it. What she does know and chooses to ignore is that her boyfriend, Dylan is a womaniser. She also knows that Luke, the French playboy estate agent who sold Ines the beloved flat she lives in, in London, is the man who always comes to her aid— no matter what. There is also the chemistry between them that neither will accept exists, much to the frustration of their circle of friends. The colourful group is brimming with varied and lovable characters— a force to be reckoned with when the chips are down.

As the silent and insidious symptoms take hold of Ines, Dylan is nowhere to be seen, yet Luke, with his wit and unfaltering support, is a constant. A routine visit to the optician leads to the diagnosis she had been dreading for some time. The news becomes the cornerstone for making life-changing decisions, starting with the toxic relationship she is in, spurred on by Dylan’s utter disregard for her and the evidence of his ways, coming to a compelling end. This turnaround that their friend has embarked on, has everyone, including Luke and Ines on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Will she let the diagnosis drag her under or will she finally allow herself to live the life that she deserves?