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Mind Over Matter©️

I’m in rehab…not the rock and roll kind of rehab, more of a bust your limbs and you’re too screwed for rehabilitation at home kind of rehab, so a specialist centre is going to be your home for the duration of your recovery.

Admittedly, I was in denial with the doctor at the hospital when it was suggested that I am going to need to spend six weeks at this place in order to make a full recovery and a) be independent again b) learn to walk again…both of which are super important to me—well, to anyone who’s affected by a potential life changing injury, really.

I’ve made a couple of friends here, it’s like the Golden Girls meets Sex In The City. These ladies are fabulous company, supportive and an inspiration to me. The one thing I love about talking to older folk is listening to stories of a bygone era of making do and mending, of getting through wars and overcoming difficulties with a, ’We just got on with it’ attitude and, learning expressions and quotes that still, to this day make sense.

The eldest of our group is going to be me in forty odd years— if I make it to that age. Her humour, sass and attitude to life is one that reflects mine. The other lady echoes my thoughts and still carries herself with an air of spirituality and elegance along with the sweetest demeanour. And me? I am a younger version of them, although they are as sharp as pins unlike myself and it often puts me to shame which results in our uncontrollable laughter. So, between us we have formed a formidable trio, helping each other on our journey to recovery…plus they have a love for satire and eye candy. I have been told, ’Just because you get old, it doesn’t mean you lose your appreciation for delicious looking men.’ I gulped my drink before I choked on it.

In the short time we have known each other, we have laughed so hard that we now have the reputation of being the noisiest table in the centre—an accolade we are very proud of given this place has four recovery units. The nurses have told me that they have not heard these ladies laugh so much and it appears I have brought out an air of positivity for them. However, they have inadvertently inspired me to keep going, to up my game and walk that little bit further every day. Yes, it’s at a slothful pace, yes, it’s with a frame, but baby steps lead to independence.

My two ladies have asked me what it is that makes me so positive in my road to recovery, given that my condition hinders everything. I thought about it and, I didn’t have to think too long, much to their relief because I don’t think they’re in a position to wait with bated breath. I replied, ’If you’re not mentally prepared to embark on a journey of peaks and valleys, then you will be climbing that hill with a stone in your shoe and will find it hard to reach the top. It’s mind over matter. If you’re positive in thought, you will find the ascent a lot easier..’

They nodded in sage-like silence and we returned to discussing overcooked vegetables, beef dripping and pork crackling.

Take care,

Eva ©️