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What Makes a Best Seller?

Having completed my first novel, it is now in the hands of a professional proofreader, for the fine tuning. I have become word blind, and as such have reached out for help. I’m proud and excited, yet nervous. Will people want to read it? Will they hate it or love it? Slate it or commend it?

I have already started book #2. I’m thrilled and full of ideas that need to be formatted into a story.

Now, the question which has been going around my noggin like a head worm on a perpetual mission, to drive me to distraction is this: What makes a book a best seller?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a slight on the author or their work, but more out of curiosity. I have read best sellers which are no better, if not worse than a book which has had very little exposure, yet I find these hidden gems to be real page turners, with great writing style. So, does a best seller become one, out of great marketing? Is it the P.R which boosts the exciting buzz of a new ‘must read’ to be launched soon, than a humble riveting read with a small voice making its announcement of ‘Cooee, here I am.’

I’m off to eat some mint chocolate and surf the internet for cute animal pictures, now. My brain hurts after all that pondering.

Take care, Eva x