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Racism is Nothing New…

We know it’s been around for hundreds of years and it will continue. Recent times have indicated that it’s as rife as ever and that’s because people feel more confident to voice their opinions behind a monitor and a keyboard. Thus we have a new kind of bigot.

However, there’s still the old adage that attitudes are borne from the home. Which is essentially true. My kids are the way they are because of their up-bringing. Old school respect and empathy to all, regardless of any race, creed or colour. With a heavy heart I am writing this blog, as an observation and from personal experience. My kids are mixed race. They are so multi-culturally diverse that nobody can tell where they’re from- but they do have an exotic look about them, which over the years has meant that they have been subjected to racist abuse, since they were very small. Some of the abuse in very recent times has cut close to the bone. Words that no man, woman or child, should be subjected to.

So, as parents, their father and I have to pick up the pieces. The truth is, I feel responsible for their angst. Should I not have fallen in love with a man of colour and multi-races and gone on to have children? Should I have stuck to my own kind and not have risked my children a potential life of racism? I’ve had a member of my family voice their opinion of ; ‘Well you made your decision to lie with him, deal with it.’ The patriarch of my family also voices his opinions to everyone, including my children. At what point do you draw the line?

We are not the first nor the last family to be part of this draconian attitude. This will continue, as long as there’s a lack of acceptance. Maybe in future generations it will be diluted, but this has to start from childhood. Children aren’t born racist. I know of one child who has been taught not to play with certain races because their father has a dislike for them. I despair. I really do.

Of course we all have opinions and preferences, but maybe teach the kids to make their own decisions? Teach them that it’s ok to not have the same mindset as others, but don’t be nasty or relentless about it. As adults, it’s our place to guide them through the minefield of growing up and being held accountable for your actions.

Have a lovely day, Eva x


By Eva Lauder

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