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You’re as old as your back…

Being a writer, you spend your days, well, writing. Which means you inevitably spend your days (and nights) seated. The thing with me- as I’m sure many can relate to, I get so engrossed in being within the utopian bubble that is my own little world, that I forget to stand/move unless nature calls. In fact, it gets to the point where nature screams at me. That’s how absorbed I get. I need an alert on my watch to remind me to stand and breathe…which I ignore like an insubordinate teen. However, I have had to make myself stop and stretch/exercise because when I rise from my seat or get out of bed, I’m stiff. Think the tin man. (I swear I can hear my bones creaking!)

Aaaaanyway, due to a couple of health complications, I had to stop my beloved Pilates classes. I LOVE Pilates. I LOVE my instructors. Admittedly, they are so meticulous, they can spot a core that’s not engaged, from a mile off. That’s for my own good, and although it’s tough at the time, I’m forever grateful to them.

I completed my first full class (online due to lockdown restrictions and distance). It was a little hard, but completely worth it. My muscle memory has been re-ignited and spurred into a ball of excitement and positivity.

I’ve relocated. Far far away from them. Online classes are great for lockdown, but what happens after?

My question and concern was posed to my instructor. Tim has reassured me that one way or another I can continue my journey of regaining strength and mobility. Asking if I’d tried anywhere locally, I admitted that I had, but honestly? The rapport wasn’t there. Ive been with for three and a half years and the quality of the classes and the instructors is second to none. I can personally vouch for the amazing things that change and happen to your body.

I’m feeling righteous. I write, I exercise every hour (my mat and equipment is laid out, so there’s no excuse!) and look forward to my clssses. My body? Well, it’s jumping for joy at the goodness I’m giving it. In return, it responds with allowing me the privilege of getting out of bed/rising from my chair without feeling like an old battleship that has been laying on the seabed for centuries. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but you catch my drift (no pun intended!).

So, with this in mind, I thank Pilates, I thank my classes and my body thanks us all.

I’m off for some coffee and a few squares of chocolate.

Take care, Eva x


By Eva Lauder

An indie author who happens to be a lover of all things contemporary romance, funny, minty, and chocolate…preferably all at once.

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